Got premium content? Get clinqe.


Until now, it has been difficult to monetise your valuable digital content online. Whether it be your new song, an educational video series, exclusive photos, or a fitness program PDF... This changes forever with clinqe.


clinqe allows you to monetise your photos, videos, audio and PDF files directly from your mobile device.


No need for any shopping carts, websites or web-stores, just upload your content, set your terms and go! You can be making money in seconds!


All using your existing social media audience.

Sell your content


Earn money having your content ad-supported.


Earn by advertising

Have your content on clinqe supported by showing a video ad and earn each time your content is viewed. Requiring no payment from your audience but still having the content control of clinqe. If you expect high views but don't want to place a price tag on your content, this option is for you.


Sell your content

Sell your content directly using clinqe by setting a value and currency of your choosing. Helpful for those digital assets with a high value. If you have a product to sell, this is your best route.

How it works 


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Step 1
Use the clinqe app to securely upload your content and receive a dedicated content link (a 'clinqe'). Setting monetisation method and rules that govern how your digital products are used along the way.

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Step 2
 the link with your friends, fans and followers on blogs, websites, social media, or any other place where you have an online presence. 

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Step 3
Your followers click the link and either:

  - pay for your content with their chosen payment provider, or
- go straight through to your content after watching an ad when ad-supported.

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Step 4
Your followers can then access the content only through the clinqe app where it is controlled via the rules and preferences you have set.

Pre Register

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Pre register to be kept in the loop and also become a clinqe early adopter & beta tester.